Religious Changes to Hyderabad Metro

Everybody in the town is excited. There are always talks going on and on about the metro rail under construction. This is very important to Telangana because this is the first major project for them since the division of Andhra Pradesh into Andhra Pradesh and Telangana; so it is really a big deal for them. Naturally, this creates a fever among the people who are also equally enthusiastic about its opening. The ruling Government has other concerns which overrides the enthusiasm. Since this is also their first noticeable project, they want to make it as friendly as possible. They do not want to hurt the sentiments of their people in any way. So, they go out of their way in monitoring the blueprints and construction work so as to suggest any changes. Review Meeting between Telangana CM and L&T Chairman Looking at the blueprint of the metro rail, Telangana Chief Secretary Rajiv Sharma and city-based party MIM’s floor leader Akbaruddin Owaisi decided to take forward some proposals for changes in the metro rail alignment to the Chief Minister. But, since this was not a decision that could be taken alone, a review meeting was conducted with the L&T (Larsen and Toubro) leadership. The meeting was attended by Chief Minster Chandrasekhar Rao, L&T Chairman A M Naik, Chief Secretary Rajiv Sharma and floor leader Owaisi. Changes in alignment were discussed and Owaisi handed over the letter containing proposed changes in the metro alignment to the Chief Minister. Memory of Memorial and Peace of Worship There were only two major changes proposed by Telangana leadership. This was in response to L&T’s repeated requests for changes in the ongoing project. Telangana Government’s first and foremost concern was their Legislative Assembly and the martyr’s memorial. They did not want any mishap to affect these age old buildings; moreover, the martyr’s memorial was something built in memory of war heroes, so the tribute definitely had to be left undisturbed. Secondly, there were lots of areas where the places of worship came in way of the construction. So, it was proposed and will be officially announced soon that the metro rail goes behind or go over these places. Article Source: The Economic Times