Okhla Bird Sanctuary saved from construction problems

The hundreds of crores homebuyers have invested in Noida are safe. The Centre’s draft of the redrawn eco-sensitive zone around the Okhla bird sanctuary doesn’t affect any realty project in the area, a highly placed official in the UP government said on Sunday. T The draft proposes a no-construction zone extending 1.27km from the sanctuary towards the DND flyway in the north but just 100 metres to its east, west and south. This is broadly what Uttar Pradesh had proposed. The process of notification, including objections being invited to the plan, will be completed in the next three months, the official said. The area to the north of the sanctuary that has the largest swathe of the new eco-sensitive zone is a rich natural habitat and covers the Yamuna banks and green areas, the official said. The decision that has been taken to not allow any kind of construction within 100 sq metre radiuses of the sanctuary will help in preserving the bird sanctuary. This decision has gone in favour of the natural reserves and delighted the ones fighting for it.