Land Owner Flats

Ready to wait or want to move in?

Every body has a dream of buying their own house. But, the process of buying a dream house can be equally frustrating!

As soon as a thought of buying a house strikes your mind, the newspaper ads, real estate agents, your friends and family are ready to fill you up with ideas and insights on purchasing a property, only to leave you more confused.

So, what should you, as a prospective buyer do? We, at landownerflats, think it is always a good idea to do a little research about the latest trends in the real estate yourself, before you go on to make the big investment decision.

Ideally, there are 2 kinds of properties you can invest in. One, is a property that is under-construction and you will have to book a home that is in a pre-launch phase or you could opt in to buy a ready to move in flat. In the current real estate scenario, the latter has been the choice of a majority of buyers because of the various benefits such as;

⦁ Tax concessions on ready to move in properties
⦁ You get what you see
⦁ Faster handover of your home
⦁ Ready to move in flats are available at a very reasonable price
⦁ Pre-EMI is usually not applicable.
⦁ You save a lot on rentals.

These are some out of the many advantages that entices a buyer into investing in a ready to move in property. However, this certainly does not mean that buying a ready to move in flat is the one and only best and viable option. Since you would be spending a fortune and this is an investment of a lifetime, it is wise to look at the pros and cons of both ready to move in flats and under-construction properties and then decide what suits you the best.


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