Land Owner Flats

One Connect. Multiple Benefits.

Most of us know only one way of buying a property. We either look at the property ads in newspapers or talk to a friend who gives about one hundred insights on pros and cons of buying a property. However, in both the cases, we ultimately decide not to buy the property, because the properties we like, don’t suit our budget and vice-versa.

So, does this mean you will never find your dream home in the city? Well, not necessarily! May be you haven’t tried different approaches of buying a property.

Landownerflats has observed a fantastic trend in the current real estate market which has benefited the landowners, the builders and the customers. This is how;

Builders – Get easy access to the land

Undeniably, finding a land in a city like Bangalore can be quite a tedious job. So, when a builder gets in touch with a landowner, it makes it very easy for him to secure the asset and that is at least one concern he can strike off his list before the project takes off.

Landowners – Get easy ownership of properties

As a general rule, the builder gives away a certain number of flats to the landowners in return for lending their land. So, the landowners get easy possession of properties, without bearing the construction costs or other overheads.

Customers – Get Brilliant range of properties at an incredible price

You, the customers, are the most important point of contact here. As the landowners bear no costs with regard to the property, these resale/investor flats become available at a very reasonable price.

So, when the Builders, Landowners and Customers connect with each other, each of them enjoy their share of benefits and most importantly, the whole process of buying a house in a city like Bangalore becomes hassle-free and the end user has endless options of properties and price range to choose from. This sure is a win-win situation for everyone!

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