High Court instructs Bengaluru Commissioner to clear footpaths

Chief Justice DH Waghela has instructed the Comissioner of Bengaluru to ensure clearance of the footpaths and removing any encroachments to ensure a clear walking path for pedestrians. A PIL was filed at the High Court on the basis of the rights of pedestrians who asked the BBMP chief to take immediate steps in clearing all forms of encroachments such in the area of Banashankari Stage II where a milk booth is to come up. The Chief Justice DH Waghela handed out a message to the commissioner on behalf of the bench stating "for the sake of Bengaluru city, clear this mess on footpaths." The petition: The BBMP council had agreed to let out an outlet for a milk booth at a rent of Rs.3000 per month. A PIL was filed accordingly demanding the rights of pedestrians to which the BBMP commissioner has now assured the court that the decision was yet to be approved and no further steps for renting out would be taken. Submission of report: The Bench has asked for a comprehensive report by the BBMP commissioner that has to highlight all removal of encroachments and debris as per the court's earlier orders on the next hearing. On Tuesday, the court was informed of the upcoming project of developing model roads for which 3 such roads have been selected and work on them has commenced. Model Roads and Development projects: The three roads selected to be developed as model roads include Cubbon Road, Race Course Road (Basaveshwara Circle to Shivananda Circle) and Sankey Road (Raj Bhavan to Windsor Manor). It is estimated that at least a month will be required for completion of work on these roads as per reports provided by the BBMP counsel to the division bench headed by Justice DH Waghela. Six more roads are to be developed under the TenderSURE project in which cables and pipes for utilities will be laid along the roadside. The Commissioner also added that 86 places in the CBD have been identified where parking policy shall be implemented. Tenders will be issued after the clearance received from DULT. The Bench has instructed the BBMP to ensure that all other roads should be developed on the lines of the model roads to reduce pollution. Source: The Times of India