Welcome To Landownerflats

We are targeting niche segment in online real estate space. Fed up with endless on-site visits and fake listings, and sky rocketing prices of apartments, we created a platform where you will get the property in a very reasonable price. Led by passionate people with more than 8 years experience who intend to help consumers to get the best & reasonable price for their home.

We intend to keep all the three stake holders happy.

  • Landowners
  • Customers
  • Builders

Our Vision

At Landownerflats.com we intend to help landowners to sell their stock as well as the customers to get the good unit and good price for their buy. This platform help the landowners to promote their property and the customers to get to know the land owner apartments.

This site in turn helps the builders as their landowner will be happy because of the sales that they will do through this site and they will be happy to work with the builders for their future projects.

Our Mission

We would like to make this site more user friendly and more reachable so that it will help all the stake holders in the business. We would like our landowners to reach maximum people which otherwise would not be possible.